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MOSAIC spol. s r.o.
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Wooden parquet

Czech company MOSAIC, Ltd. since its inception in 1992, specializes in the production of solid wood floor. We produce various kinds of high-quality parquet oak or ash wood . After consultation with the customer we provide also professional laying parquet. On our manufactured floors provide superior 3 year warranty. We manufacture and assemble wooden flooring for gyms, houses, apartments and other residential and commercial buildings. Seat own production company and is in Kunčice at Bělotín. We have customers not only in the Czech Republic but also in many EU countries.

Features wooden floor

  • Long life . Wood floors will last for years. After a few years, it can be ground, painted and will look like new again.
  • Resistance . If you know how to care for your floors , you will support their resistance to abrasion.
  • Natural appearance and health . Wooden floors are non-conductive, settles on them so less dust and dirt. In addition, evoke the atmosphere of pure nature.
  • Easy maintenance . Parquet can vacuum and mop or sweep only. Total maintenance is simple.

Types of wood flooring

  • Classic parquet . Parquet made ​​of solid wood have been used successfully for many years. Due to its characteristics are difficult to replace.
  • Mosaic floors . Mosaic floors are made ​​of quality oak or ash wood. You can choose from many designs and colors. 
  • Industrial floors . Kantovky is produced from narrow oak lamellas or ash, which consists in a square or rectangle without the structural joints and without bonding. They are always original and because of its thickness have an extremely long life.
  • Castle parquet . Square wooden floors with a variety of patterns that create interesting effects in the room. We recommend professional installation.
  • The floorboards . We also floorboards tailor-made to customers' expectations. 

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MOSAIC spol. s r.o. - Czech Republic, e-mail:
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