We are a Czech company and have been producing wooden floors for you in Moravia since 1992. We mainly specialise in producing oak parquet strips, boards, and blocks. Our products have become a staple of private homes, sports arenas, and offices, as well as historical buildings and palaces. Our floors have been installed in the Municipal House, the Wallenstein Palace, and the National Museum, to name a few..

As a company, we are committed to providing a high-quality and efficient solution for every home. We can accommodate the requirements of our discriminating customers. That is why we have, and fully acknowledge, a special responsibility in the industrial woodworking sector.

Give your home a nostalgic, classic, traditional, trendy, or prestigious touch.

Nature and wood

Our lives revolve around nature. Our forests reduce the share of carbon dioxide in the air, acting as an important filter and oxygen supplier. This essence of life can only be preserved in the long run through sustainable measures and environmentally conscious forest management. The timber we use comes mainly from controlled harvesting from Czech forests.

what we can offer

High-quality wood

from Czech forests


by drying and cutting


handmade production


Europe-wide shipping