Our production portfolio also includes the manufacture of oak elements such as benches, stairs, blocks, planks, etc. They make for a pleasing and practical addition to all types of gardens. We supply them made to the customer’s requirements and in various sizes. The surface is smooth and is treated with paraffin wax. Each piece is an original, acquires its own patina, and ages along with the garden. The benches are supplied with a treated surface and finish. The size can be modified as requested by the customer.

Price and size

The price for the standard size of 40x40x120 cm is CZK 9600.

(the size can be modified as per the client’s request)


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    Long life

    Classic oak parquet is characterised by an extremely long life. This is due to both the quality of the wood and the ease of renovation of the parquetry.


    It does not hold dirt and dust

    As the pieces of wood are non-conductive, they do not collect as much dirt and dust. This makes wood parquetry more sanitary than laminate flooring, for example.



    Wood parquet floors are strong and sturdy. Naturally, the floor needs to be installed professionally and with care.


    A natural look

    For most people, wood is a more pleasant material than artificially fabricated materials.